Romantic Getaways in Port Douglas Daintree

Stargazing on private beaches , petal-strewn baths set deep in the rainforest, gourmet hampers and afternoon siestas - you could consider Port Douglas and the Daintree your getaway Cupid.

Situated in one of the most naturally beautiful regions around the country, Port Douglas and the Daintree has the magical ability to take you somewhere special. More than simply a location, it’s also a mood and a state of mind. Known as much for its luxury and adventure as for its romantic remoteness, this pocket of Far North Queensland promises to entice and seduce all types of travellers, guaranteeing a life-changing exploration into tropical paradise.

Nestled alongside the spectacular Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas is just a short hour’s drive from Cairns Airport along the magnificent Great Barrier Reef Drive where the ancient rainforest-clad mountains plunge into the perfectly azure Coral Sea. Palms fringe the shoreline of pristine beaches perfect for a hand-in-hand secluded stroll. Blessed with almost countless soul-stirring sights, Port Douglas and the Daintree is also where you’ll come across world-class dining with a tropical twist, decadent day spas and adrenaline-charged adventure activities; so let the charm of the tropics romance you. Breathe the natural splendour of the two surrounding World Heritage sites, the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, that never ceases to impress.

From the beach front coconut plantation that is Thala Beach Nature Reserve at Oak Beach and the ultra-private rainforest pavilions that are mist at Cape Tribulation, through to the more cosmopolitan spots of Bay Villas Resort all within easy reach to local dining hot spots, Port Douglas and the Daintree is a place to fall in love, either for the first time or the fiftieth.

Images (clockwise): Thala Beach Nature Reserve, mist at Cape Tribulation, Retro Port Douglas, Bay Villas Resort

This is a place where swinging from palm trees, counting the infinite stars, evening nature walks and fireside stories with local Traditional Elders are all possible. Discover an underwater world with river snorkelling or some serious reef diving in one of the largest marine playgrounds on Earth. Horse ride along deserted beaches, and marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature with her sunsets that throw all shades of pinks and oranges and reds over the dramatic greens of an ancient rainforest. Explore craft breweries, taste young coconuts straight off the tree and take a moment to savour locally grown coffee, tea and chocolates that reminds you of a slower life in another time.

Secluded and self-contained or indulgent and inclusive, you’re promised a relaxing break from the daily grind and the perfect backdrop for your next romantic getaway. Whether you’re looking for a private romantic retreat or a coastal village weekender, you’ll find Port Douglas and the Daintree is the perfect spot for your stay.

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