Honeymooning in Port Douglas Honeymooning in Port Douglas

Honeymooning in Port Douglas

  By Janie Barton 26/6/2019

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One of the most eventful aspects of your wedding happens when it’s all over. Seriously! Of course, your ‘big day’ was one of the most memorable days of your lives when you were fawned over by everyone, toasted with bubbly and made to feel like A-list celebrities. But leading up to it took a LOT of work (we won’t even talk about the stress involved). And now that it’s over, the real fun begins. Time to turn off your phones, unplug your tablets and get ready for the holiday of a lifetime.

This is the biggie – your first holiday together as a married couple and probably the best vacation you’ll ever have. You don’t have to make any excuses for indulging in late sleep ins, lingering breakfasts in bed (with strawberries, chocolate and champagne, of course), spoiling yourselves with every pampering treatment available and staying in the best of the best bridal suites. Honeymooners are treated as VIPs wherever they go in the Port Douglas Daintree region, so it’s the perfect place to relish being treated like superstars.


The first priority on your honeymoon is to decide where you’re going to stay. You’ll want all the trimmings – champagne on arrival, huge comfy beds with big fluffy pillows, luxurious robes to cocoon yourself in while you laze in bed as long as you want. You get all that in Port Douglas and the Daintree, and more.

If five-star service with all the bells and whistles is what you want – room service at all hours if you don’t mind being interrupted, pampering treatments whenever you feel like it and your own private spa or plunge pool – there are so many luxurious places to choose from that have all the high-end amenities to cater to all of your rock-star needs.

If privacy is more your style, secluded rainforest hideaways with all the extras you love - gourmet food, champagne and wine, nature walks at your doorstep and let’s not forget those comfy robes and slippers - are there waiting for you.

Or, you could enjoy your honeymoon in a luxurious private house – one that looks like it came out of the pages of the Royal Family’s holiday retreats - with a king-size bed, hilltop locations with stunning photo-perfect vistas, a private pool, your own highly-qualified chef and, hell, even your own tennis court that will make even the Royals jealous. Like the Royal Family and A-list celebrities, you could also escape on your own yacht, complete with all the staff and extras you want.

Deciding on where to stay will be the tough part. The rest is pure bliss.


Let’s face it. At some point you’ll want to leave your cosy accommodation and explore your surroundings. How can you not when you’re surrounded by two of the world’s most unique icons - the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef and the ancient Daintree Rainforest, both World Heritage Listed areas?

Whether you love spending time in the water, can’t swim very well or don’t like getting wet at all, there are plenty of ways to explore the Reef where more than 1500 fish and 400 types of coral are a small part of this underwater wonderland. For those who take to the water like a fish, there are a slew of dive and snorkelling tours that will introduce you to the dazzling aquatic kingdom teeming with thousands of colourful tropical fish, swaying sea fans, sensational coral and giant clams pulsating with life (and, yes, you’ll find Nemo!). You can also see all this without getting your hair wet by hopping aboard a semi-submersible or walking underwater wearing an ocean walker helmet dive, or you can see the full majesty of the Reef up above in a helicopter or plane ride.

Of course, you won’t want to miss out on exploring some of the 135-million-year-old-plus Daintree Rainforest. Be sure to have your camera Insta-ready when you experience the world’s oldest rainforest, where you half expect to see fairies and elves meandering by (imagine capturing that on your camera – you would become an instant millionaire!). Take a guided tour (with your camera, of course) to get to know the amazing flora and fauna found only in this neck of the woods, enjoy your private own trek through boardwalks, picnic at a secluded swimming pool or waterfall, or get your heart really pumping (as if it isn’t already on a high) by zip-lining over the lush forest.

For those days when you need to have a relaxing day in between adventures, sailing on the big blue sea, island hopping, visiting nature parks where cuddling a koala is simply a must-do and, of course, shopping at one of the many boutique shops in the region are all there just waiting for you.

Food, glorious food

Of course, no honeymoon is complete without enjoying fabulous meals, and this region is bursting with fresh ocean produce, free-range meat from the neighbouring Tableland region, home-grown veggies and an abundance of fruit, including exotic tropical fare. Award-winning chefs who have made this slice of paradise their homes are on hand to prepare you meals that are seriously fit for a king and queen. Whether it’s a private intimate dinner surrounded by candlelight or a feast under the stars, you can be sure that being treated like royalty or a celebrity is par for the course here in the Port Douglas Daintree region.

You won’t want to leave. No one ever does. But there’s no reason you can’t return on those special occasions (or any excuse you can find, and you will find excuses!) – it will all still be here waiting for you when you come back.