Your destination wedding should be all daiquiris and delight, and we’ve got six ways to mellow your Bridezilla into Bridechilla!

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The grass is always greener under a coconut tree. If you are looking for an excuse to have a destination wedding, here are 6 reasons why Port Douglas is the right choice for you.

Port Douglas and the Daintree region is highly accessible and reasonably priced (especially if you keep your eyes peeled for cheap Cairns flight deals!).

The weather in Port Douglas is comfortable and tropical all year round, with maximum temperatures usually forecast at 31º C (88 F) in the summer and 26°C (79 F) in the winter.

As a local, it’s pretty easy to see who didn’t get the memo re what to pack when visiting Port Douglas Daintree and it usually entails a couple of minor wardrobe fails, while sporting a fresh red-pink skin tone.

Sometimes a special person requires a little extra thought, perhaps some activity to pave the way for a budding romance, so to speak. Here are 10 romantic things to do in Port Douglas that don't (directly) involve dinner

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